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....such deprivation was primarily perpetrated through the Gurukul system of education, which India followed until the advent of modern education, and under which, only a Brahmin could be a teacher, whereas caste laws prohibited any contact of the Dalits with Brahmins, ensuring their exclusion:

“Let him not stay together with outcasts, nor with Kandalas, nor with Pukkasas, nor with fools, nor with overbearing men, nor with low-caste men, nor with

At the same time, by being outcastes, they also could not access learning of occupational skills, such as those that the Sudras were permitted.

Because of such exclusion, the Dalits were deprived of formal learning and education throughout their history until modern times and they first received education only during the colonial period.

In independent India, the Indian Constitution provided for making elementary education free and compulsory for all children aged 6 – 14 years. Thereafter, government education became more widely available to the Dalits, through literacy drives and other measures.

The National Education Policy, 1986, reaffirmed this directive and the effort was continued. In addition, 15 States and 4 UTs passed legislation making primary education compulsory.

Added to this, the government introduced quotas for them in higher education.

This is over and above the education that the thousands of Christian institutions, besides other non-governmental entities, provide for them... more .. Read the rest in the book...


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6. Uneducated Because Of Historical Wrongs

- Historically Excluded
- Present Day Impediments To Education
- Core Need, Aspiration And Evangelical Effort
- Ideological Model For -Christian Dalit Education

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