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Social Exclusion & Segregation Of Dalits


Although the Dalits have been included by the caste fraternity into Hinduism from the time the electoral system was introduced in India, the fact that it makes no difference socially is self-evident.

Dalits are almost entirely kept out of the social community of the caste Hindus, though there is a miniscule degree of openness among the Sudra hindus.

Whatever interaction takes place caste Hindus and Dalits is largely out of necessity, as in the requirement of Dalits to perform caste assigned jobs such as cleaning drains, sewers and toilets.

Very,very rarely are Dalits invited for any of the social activities that take place in caste Hindu communities.

Such segregation and social discrimination of dalits in India is far more serious in the rural areas where the practise of caste is stronger, with Dalits being secluded even in their living quarters.

Even in the urban areas, though Dalits do live in caste-Hindu localities, their houses are secluded and located usually in poor infrastructure and facility areas, amidst garbage and other waste, away from the main towns and cities. They are usually found living in Dalit 'ghettos'.

However, due to the prevalence of strict laws, the Dalits have free access to all public facilties and publica places.

Perhaps the only time the Dalits have any active social interaction with caste Hindus is during elections when politicians and their foot soldiers of all castes mix with them, to woo them for their votes. Once the elections are over, the social interaction almost entirely ceases.

In recent years, many senior and prominent politicians have taken to the practice of going and spending a day or two in Dalit untouchables homes in rural areas to connect with their plight and also to break-down caste barriers.

However, this has not spilt over to mainline society, which largely keeps away from the Dalits except in circumstances mentioned in this write-up

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