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The author, Oliver D'Souza, is an accomplished journalist, author and human rights activist. Starting as a journalist in 1988, the author has written his way through social and political developments in the country during the last twenty years, writing for an assortment of international, national and regional media.

He is also the author of 'Communal Crimes Against Christians In India' - the only document of its kind so far.

The author is directly involved in the Dalit movement and the struggle against casteism and has also been closely monitoring and writing about the developments on the Dalit canvas ever since the Dalit conversions to Buddhism in New Delhi in 2001.

The author is additionally and proactively involved in campaigning for human rights of Dalits and Christians through various fora and organizations and holds important offices in a number of Dalit and Christian organizations. He has been directly instrumental in securing justice for hundreds of victims of communal and caste crimes against Christians and Dalits.

The author additionally heads the Dalit And Christian Research Foundation - a body that researches and monitors the atrocities and discrimination against Dalits and Christians, and proactively pursues justice for them.

The author is also a much sought after speaker on Casteism, Dalits and Christian persecution.

The author may be contacted by the following means:

email: oliverdsouza@truthaboutdalitscom

telephone: 0091-831-2455038, Cell: 00919845251917


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