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Dalit Identity: Who Are Dalits?

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....What’s in a name? To an outcaste, it is everything – past, present and future. It defines where he comes from, where he is at present, where he wants to be in the future, and is central to understanding the aspiration of the outcastes for dignity, equality and release from impoverishment and backwardness.

The word ‘Dalit,’ used to identify the outcastes, is of recent usage. Traditionally, despicable and contemptuous names have identified them, as required by caste law:

“Let (the first part of) a Brahmina's name (denote something) auspicious, a Kshatriya's be connected with
power, and a Vaisya's with wealth, but a Sudra's (express
something) contemptible.

‘(The second part of) a Brahmina's (name) shall be (a
word) implying happiness, of a Kshatriya's (a word)
implying protection, of a Vaisya's (a term) expressive of
thriving, and of a Sudra's (an expression) denoting

Such contemptible names for the outcastes, among others, include Achuta, Asura, Avarna, Bhangi, Chamar, Chura, Dasa, Dasyu, Dhobi, Dombas, Lal-Beghi, Mahar, Mala, Madigas, Mletcha, Nisada, Panchama, Paraiyar, Pulayan, Raksasa, Svapak, Untouchables, Depressed Classes, Scheduled castes, Harijan and Girijan..... Read the rest in the ebook ....

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2. Dalits, A Crushed, Broken, Torn People

- Dalit Identity:Who are Dalits?
-The Plight Of The Dalits
-Prevalence of -Untouchability And Discrimination
- Healthcare Status
- Political Status
- Legitimate Demands
- What is The Solution?
-The Upper Caste Apprehension Regarding Conversion
-The Other Side

By Kancha Illaiah
By John Dayal
By Udit Raj
By Others


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