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What Is Truth About Dalits?
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Dalit Christians
The Dalit Christian Research Foundation (DCRF) runs a unique sponsorship programme for Dalit students. You can enable Dalit Students Study In The Country's Top English Medium Schools and help them become doctor's, engineers, scientists and other professionals. Learn More

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What is Truth About Dalits?

Truth About Dalits is both - a information website, as well as, a Award Winning Book.

The website provides you with the best of articles on dalits, the latest news about them and other summary incidental information regarding them (see top menu).

The Book 'Truth About Dalits', which is available in both print and as an eBook, on the other hand, is a 'one of a kind' information and analysis packed book which accurately portrays the Dalit situation as it has worked out in the past and as it factually continues to do so today.

Citing its reasons for conferring its International Book Of The Year LISA 2012, the London Institute of South Asia said "Truth About Dalits is an eye opener and a remarkable research work. The Author has spoken the truth with no prejudice, favour or fear...more on truth about dalits


Indian Untouchables Are Not A Thing Of The Past
In the years since the making of my film, little has changed. We still receive reports of barber shops refusing to shave Dalits. Children segregated and discriminated in schools, women not allowed to draw water from wells, families pushed out of temples. Segregated mosques, churches even crematoriums. The list goes on shamelessly.
by K Stalin

Special Report
Dalit Cries of discrimination
Tales of discrimination tore through the tag of 'developed' state as hundreds of members of the dalit community poured on to the streets of the city to raise voice against injustice meted out to them on the eve of 123rd birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar.

Dalit Atrocities touched their peak in 2012 in Tamilnadu
A comprehensive study conducted by Madurai-based NGO ‘Evidence’ recently reveals that except in the Dharmapuri incident, compensation and rehabilitation had not reached the victims across the State till date as per the laws.


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Dalit Atrocities Update


Dr Ambedkar: Is He a Modern-day Messiah?

As Dalit assertion is taking shape and Dalit power is being manifested, the relationship between Dalits and their icon, B.R. Ambedkar, is being discussed publicly for the first time. And for the first time ever, he is being acknowledged by the mainstream society in India as the second greatest Indian.
Indian Dalits have arrived but Ambedkar still relevant
"The dalit is ubiquitous. You find him in government offices, temples and corporate houses. He is the street vendor who sells you the packed water bottles and the rickshaw driver you hire. Dalits are a huge success story but the government is not ready to accept it"




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