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"Truth About Dalits, Caste System And Untouchability" is an eye opener and a remarkable research work...with no prejudice, favour or fear - London Institute Of South Asia

" Here's The COMPLETE PICTURE About Caste System in India, And About Dalits .... "

Dalit Man Pleading For Help

...the unadulterated and complete story about the caste system in India and how it works, including ...

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** the origin of the caste system
the development of the caste system
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** the four varna system
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** classical outcastes
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** classical untouchables
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** caste code (rules)
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** perpetuation of the caste system
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** permanency of caste status
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** enforcement of the caste system
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** segregation codes
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** untenable justification
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** religious sanction
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** true present status
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** a lot, lot more about the Caste System in India

....the heart-wrenching story about dalits in India, including ...
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** the Dalit story about their origin...
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** the comprehensive discrimination of Dalits
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** rampant violation of human rights of dalits
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** unbridled atrocities against dalits
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** thrice wronged dalit women
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** their economic deprivation
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** the impoverishment of their children
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** their rampant illiteracy and the state of dalit education in India
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** their search for a spiritual place
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** the exploitation of the Dalits
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** their conversion into other faiths
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** the extremes of violence against them
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** their abject poverty
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** casteism among dalits
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** their culture and religion
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The options available to a Dalit
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** and much more....

Learn The Whole Truth !

Whoever you are - layman, student, activist, donor, NGO, church, relief or government agency - you are here because you want to know about the Caste System or about the plight of the Dalits. You want to know the fact from the fiction. You want to know the truth .

And as is very often the case with information, 'what you don't know entirely, you do not know at all'! And you can take my word for it, most of the information out on the web and from publicists is NOT the true, factual and accurate information about the Dalits and the caste system in India.

INTRODUCING The Award Winning
" Truth About Dalits,
Caste System And Untouchability "
Kancha Ilaiah - Champion of Education Of Dalits
"Nobody has written a book on caste and untouchability keeping in mind Western readers. This is first of its kind that sets forth documented details that normally are not available at one place with very well reasoned argument about their status, predicament and struggles. Oliver's book does that job with commendable expertise. Photographs at important places makes the book not only more creative, but makes it more readable and understandable" -
Dr Kancha Ilaiah , Author "Why I Am Not a Hindu', 'Buffalo Nationalism'
Truth About Dalits In India Book Image
LISA Award
John Dayal
"Almost three thousand years after the caste system was created, and sixty after untouchability was banned in India, the caste system and untouchability remains not as an underground culture but as a cruel reality that impacts on over 170 million people who call themselves Dalits, the Broken People. And it still takes courage and acumen to write the truth about it all. Oliver Dsouza has done an exceptional job; a must read" -
Dr John Dayal, Author 'Reasons of State', 'A Matter of Equity - Interrogating Indian Secularism'

What's Unique About "Truth About Dalits, Caste System And Untouchability"?
The Anceint Caste System in India Graphic
  • This eBook is your single source to get a complete and factual picture of the plight of the Dalits, Caste System and Untouchability.
  • It is a product of extensive research and pursuit of facts, drawing from 'Manusmiriti' - the bible of caste conduct, 'Rig Veda' - the fountainhead of the caste system, and a plethora of scholarly and statistical sources, combined with the author's real-life exposure to the daily realities of caste.
  • It extensively takes you right from the start of the Caste System around 1500 BC to the present pathetic state that the Dalits find themselves in because of caste discrimination.
  • You get to know the Caste System in India, the Dalit problem and Untouchabilty as it worked in ancient Indian caste system and as it works out today, minus all the hype, confusing and contradictory information put out by all and sundry.
  • The eBook delves deep into the Dalit question and the Indian Caste System from multiple prespectives, covering 83 different topics, illustrated with 29 exceptional photographs.
  • It provides irrefutable evidence and traces the roots of shocking caste system related problems, be it atrocities and discrimination, educational backwardness, unemployment, conversion, pitiful condition of dalit women, religious identity et al., and then objectively analyzes the current situation.
  • Through its pages, the eBook also reveals the very rarely talked about shocking elements about the Caste System in India and the plight of the Dalits.
  • More stuctured and accurate information about the dalits and caste system than in any other single book.
You Can Download This eBook And An Additional Free eBook Via Secure And Instant Download Even If It Is 3 am . . .
Truth About Dalits includinh Human Rights
PLUS Manusmriti - Caste Rules image
A FREE copy of 'Manusmriti' - the caste bible
100% money back guarantee image

YOU ALSO GET an unconditional moneyback guarantee. Read the book in detail. Keep it for up to 8 weeks. If this book does not deliver on what we promise, then write and tell us, and we''ll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the other hand, if the eBook provides you with the promised content, tell all your associates and friends about it too.

Note: Proceeds from the sale of this eBook wil go towards emancipation efforts for Dalits by the Dalit Freedom Network (DFN)and Dalit Christian Research Foundation (DCRF). The suggested DONATION in lieu of this ebook is...

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About The Author


Oliver D'Souza, is a journalist, author and human rights activist. He has written on social, religious and political developments in the country during the last twenty years.

He is also the author of 'Communal Crimes Against Christians In India'.

The author is directly involved in the Dalit movement, besides closely monitoring and writing about the developments on the Dalit canvas ever since the Dalit conversions to Buddhism in New Delhi in 2001.

The author is additionally and proactively involved in campaigning for human rights of Dalits and Christians through various fora and organizations and holds important offices in a number of Dalit and Christian organizations. He has been directly instrumental in securing justice for victims of communal and caste crimes against Christians and Dalits.

Oliver D'Souza also heads the Dalit And Christian Research Foundation (DCRF) - a body that researches and monitors the atrocities and discrimination against Dalits and Christians, and proactively pursues justice for them. He is also a National General Secretary of the All India Christian Council (AICC).

All files are PDF files ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **. and requires the free Adobe reader

Note: When you click the link you will be taken to a secure and protected page operated by CLICKBANK (www.clickbank.com ). After filling out your form you will be taken to the Thank You page where you can download your copy of Truth About Dalits and your free bonus immediately & start reading the explosive material within minutes. This purchase comes with an 8 week/56 day money-back guarantee. If unsatisfied you may request a refund within this period.

Contact: info@truthaboutdalits.com

© Dusky River Publications - All Rights Reserved

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Lessons from Paramakudi In any society with a history of caste oppression and conflict, the slightest provocation can sometimes set off a sequence of deadly attacks and reprisals. Law enforcement officers cannot prevent all acts of provocation, but what they can do is to anticipate and contain the resultant social tensions before they explode.
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