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Upper Caste Hindus are Closer to Muslims than Dalits and OBC

by Udit Raj

The so called upper castes are closer to the  Muslims in respect of Beti (marriage), Roti(dinning) and Business  but they are very far from dalits(untouchables) rather they nurture hatred , if not consciously then sub consciously. Marriages between the elite upper castes and  Muslims are very common provided there is security and economic independence but in the same circumstances that does not happen with dalits.

Miss world Sushmita Sen found Pakistan cricketer- Imran Khan as  boy friend, Karina Kapoor to Shaif Ali Khan , BJP leader-Murali Manohar Joshi’s daughter is married with Muslim and so is the case with the niece of L K Adwani, Delhi CM’s daughter is also married with Muslim . Top Muslim leaders of BJP Muqtar Abbas Naqvi and Shah Nawaj are married to upper caste hindu .

There is race to get Muslim boys in film industry. Sharmila Tagore, Kiran(wife of Amir Khan) , Malaika Arora and her sister, Gauri( w/o Shahrukh Khan), Rankshnda, Rakhi, Saroj Khan , Subhashini etc.are such example. Similarly business relationship  between them is very common.

 In eastern UP , Muktar Ansari is having business partnership in contracts  with upper castes and there are many cases in the country but hardly such instances are there where dalits are partners or having business connection. Azim Premji has outsourced the businesses to the upper castes.

In elite and educated Muslims , it is very common  that the so called upper castes  are invited on the occasion of marriages, functions, or personal occasions and the vice versa and very rarely dalits get such opportunities.

Due to political reason, it looks that the Muslims are enemy of so called Hindus and vice versa. I have been doing social and political works for many years and so far not a single upper caste has offered to work with me specially in social field. Though the urban boys and girls are not very casteists and yet they are psychologically conditioned.  They get such values through their parents, relatives and society. When the upper caste girls grow and have freedom to choose friends and life partners, the choice is limited either they have to go for  their caste guys or Muslims but not for dalits and tribals and there is no preference for backward caste also.

Why it is so? The reason is that they are repeatedly told right from childhood  that the dalits are incapable and untouchables. Dalits encroach the opportunities  in admission  in good institutions and services and if the govt system is not working efficiently then reservation is are  responsible. Slowly, the upper castes children develop feelings and start abhorring and hating dalits.

If the upper castes and Muslims  are closer then it is welcome . It is definitely promoting integrity and unity of the country . What I want to say that the lower castes are still subject to prejudices and discriminations and the so called upper castes cant adjust with them. Who discriminate to dalits, everyone knows.

The question is why some upper castes seem to worry that the Muslims‘s population is increasing or Muslims are threat. The real threat to Hinduism is from within. Hundred times I have experienced that the upper castes prefer Muslims to us.

By Kancha Illaiah
By John Dayal
By Udit Raj
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